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Giving 1,000 experiences of art… all in 1 day.

Join forces in the #getcreativegivecreative campaign and amplify the healing power of art to young artists in hospital care. How will YOU #getcreative?

Get Creative Give Creative

What is the #getcreative campaign?

Starting on July 27th, Arts For Life supporters, near and far, are coming together to creatively raise funds for A THOUSAND art and music lessons at patients’ bedsides and in clinic waiting rooms in 2018. We'll keep the campaign going until we reach our goal!

YOU can share with the world how creativity influences your daily life, so that others will be inspired to share and give, too!  Let's #GETCREATIVE and raise $21,000!


How to join the campaign

1. Choose a goal

How many lessons do you want to sponsor?

Here’s a suggestion: we teach, on average, 70 lessons each day across NC.
Maybe your goal is to sponsor a whole day of art lessons? (We did the math: that’s $1,470!).

Or maybe however many years old you are?
That’s how many lessons you want to get sponsored. (Take your age, multiply it by $21, and you’ll get your goal!)

Try this on for size: what’s your lucky number?
A special date? Pick a number, any number! Every dollar makes a difference.

2. Set up your page

Sign up to be a fundraiser and you will get your own page. Set your goal and customize your page to represent your creative style.

3. Get Creative!

This is where the fun comes in. Painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, playing, writing, cooking, street performances… the sky’s the limit to your creative expression!

4. Share & amplify

Starting on Friday, July 27, join us on Facebook and Instagram to show everyone how you #getcreative - and then challenge your friends and family to #givecreative by making a donation.

5. Thank you for making a difference.

Way to go, you did it! Every fundraiser that meets their personal goal will get a special gift of gratitude from Arts For Life.

Vauurn Testimony

"Pick a favorite art project? I can't do that!! They're all pretty great."

- Varuun

"In the mornings, my main priority was when is the art table gonna be open? what are they gonna do today? which teacher was gonna come in and take turns to do art with me? Arts For Life made me feel like a kid. It took away the pain, the worries of the treatments and being scared..."

- Erika



21 Dollars = One Art Experience

Every art lesson is tailored to the needs and interest of that young patient. Whether in the waiting room about to enter a scary procedure or at their bedside during a long hospital stay, Arts for Life teachers work hard to create a unique and healing experience for every young artist. 

How many art experiences do you want to give?

Guitar and Songwriting

Guitar + Songwriting

Painting + Visual Arts

Painting + Visual Arts

Digital Printmaking

Digital Art + Printmaking

Sculpture Collage

Sculpture + Collage

Writing + Poetry

Writing + Poetry

You can help this campaign take flight on social media by using the hashtags:
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Join us on Instagram and  Facebook, too, to stay connected!

Thank you for supporting Arts For Life!

We can’t wait to #getcreative alongside YOU!